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Join us for our annual celebration of the Women Airforce Service Pilots

Homecoming and Fly-in Celebration 2023

"Journey to the Stars"

Honoring the WASP and 30 years of Women in Combat

Looking for professional opportunities to fly, women pilots formally organized themselves through the formation of the Ninety-Nines in 1929.  While many worked as instructors, crop dusters, barnstormers, and aviation entertainers in the early years, female pilots caught their first big break in 1942. Gen Henry “Hap” Arnold was in desperate need of pilots to carry out duties in the US.

The women ran towards the opportunity and formally declared, “We live in the wind and sand, and our eyes are on the stars.  They worked with excellence and valor and proved themselves able to fly on par with their male counterparts.  Their unit was disbanded, and the WASP did not reach the stars they longed to touch; but they inspired successive generations to fly further.  Because of the WASP, women are in the military and have been flying in combat since 1993 – 30 years.  Join us as we celebrate the women pilots who opened the night sky and the pilots who flew to the stars. 

FRIDAY - APRIL 28, 2023


Located at the Texas State Technical College (TSTC) campus.


Located at the Texas State Technical College (TSTC) campus by the WASP Wishing Well.

“…Our Eyes are on the Stars.”

10:00 – 12:00 am

Let’s celebrate the origin of women in aviation as we remember the WASP.

Masters of Ceremony will be John Marsh and Kathleen Fowler – children of WASP Marie Barret Marsh.

Tune your singing voice and get ready for a WASP-along! 

Bring your favorite WASP story to share with your table during brunch or while mingling.  Be sure to bring or email a copy for our Archive.  The Museum wants to tell the most complete stories of your WASP. 

For WASP families and their guests. $25 per person, ages 3 and up.  Lap children are free.
Tickets on sale from January 1st – April 7th or until sold out.

Standing in Honor of the WASP

5:30 pm

All WASP families and legacy pilots are invited to take part in this annual photo opportunity.

Flight suits or WWII attire is encouraged.

FRIDAY - APRIL 28, 2023


1940s themed dinner dance located in Hangar 2 on the WASP campus.

“Journey to the Stars”

Doors open at 5:30 pm
Dinner followed by program and auction at 6:30 pm

Master of Ceremonies, Michelle “Mo” Barrett

Keynote Speaker, Sharon “Betty” Preszler, The first woman to fly the F-16 in combat

Remarks from Gen Jeannie Leavitt, USAF and Col Martha McSally, USAF (ret)

Dancing with live band on the apron at 9:00 pm

Tickets on sale from January 1st – April 7th or until sold out.  Only 300 premium seats available.


Gold Tables for 8 – $1,200

Silver Tables for 6 – $900

Individual Tickets – $120

Help us achieve our goal of raising $150,000 for Hangar 1 exhibit renovation!



Located at the Sweetwater Airport & WASP campus grounds

Spend a day at the Museum!

Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Schedule of appearances and more information about the event will be posted on this page and the Featured Aircraft page in March.  

On Friday and Saturday, tour the Museum and learn more about the WASP from our exhibits and special guest authors and speakers. Take a leap back in time with live re-enactors.  Delight your eyes on the ground and in the air with Warbirds, military trainers, and general aviation on Avenger Field.  On Friday, limited food trucks will be available.  Don’t forget to take some memories home from the gift shop. 

Saturday is a bigger day!  Plan to come early and stay late.  We will have our full range of aircraft, but also keep a close look-out for Dyess Air Force Base’s very own Drop Landing Zone Team.  We will have more authors and speakers.  Students and parents will have a great time in our Cadet Zone with all-new STEM activities and crafts.  Kids will enjoy flying trainer model airplanes with our adult volunteers and viewing replica WWI & WWII model planes. 

Catch some brunch, lunch and dessert at our full offering of food trucks.  Enjoy an afternoon glass of exquisite wine from Hidden Hangar Winery.   

It’s a weekend to remember – don’t miss out.    

The WASP Museum invites all Warbirds to Avenger Field in celebration of the WASP on April 28 – 29. For more information, please contact Josh Hamaty at 325-232-1566 or at

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Featured Authors & Speakers

Schedule of appearances of featured authors & speakers will be published in March.

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