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March 22

WAFS Esther L. Nelson Carpenter is born in 1909

WASP Magda T. Tacke 43-1 is born in 1912

WASP Rosa Lea Fullwood Meek Dickerson 43-4 is born in 1922

WASP Rosa Lea Fullwood Meek Dickerson 43-1 is born in 1922

WASP Madge Rutherford Minton is born in 1920 at Greensburg, IN

WASP Tales | Avenger Blog Post
Janet Lee Hutchinson | WASP Coming of Age with The Flying Hutchinsons

Click below to read more about the life of Janet Lee Hutchinson.

Written by Julia Lauria-Blum.

WASP Tales | Avenger Blog Post
Wings Across History

Click below to read more about the story of WASP Ethel Meyer Finley.

Written by Frederick Beseler.

WASP in the Spotlight

Margaret Peggy Kocher was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1921 to Willard and Margaret Grishkin Helburn. Margaret joined the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots in 1943. In 1947 Margaret married Erick Kocher, who served in the Foreign Service for 23 years. Margaret simultaneously entertained monarchs, presidents, and foreign politicians in the Diplomatic Corps and used her biology skills to collect specimens for the Smithsonian and Roman Glass from ruins in Jordan. Later in life, Margaret volunteered with the League of Women Voters, helped raise funds for various causes including Caesar Chavez and the agricultural workers, and even ran for office in the New York State Assembly


Artifacts bring history to life and often reveal what words cannot.

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