National WASP WWII Museum
Avenger Field Sweetwater, Texas

Digital collection

The Museum is working in a collaborative effort with the Abilene Library Consortium to digitize the Museum’s collections of artifacts through The Texas State Library & Archives Commission (TSLAC) / Institute of Museum Library Services (IMLS) Grant recently awarded to the museum . This project will include premiere collections such as Jacqueline Cochran, WASP Helen Wyatt Snapp, WASP Eleanor Brown, WASP Suzette VanDaell Douglas, WASP Peggy Ward, Charles A. Prince, WASP Instructor Paul Hill and the recently transferred WASP collection from the Pioneer City County Museum. These collections provide viewers another avenue to search through over 22,000 unique historical WASP documents. These data will be available in 2017.

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Traveling Exhibit

“The WASP: Untold Story- a Photographic Exhibit.” The exhibit features unfiltered and uncirculated photographs both of and by the young women who were training to become part of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) during World War II. Individually and collectively these photos showcase the WASP’s life at Avenger Field, the impact of World War II on daily life, and their experience in West Texas.

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oral history project


Stories are memories that need to be told over and over again. Hearing stories, your stories, in the voice of the teller make a lasting impression on the listener. The Museum wants to capture these memories of the WASP and other Female Pilots. Help us capture these lasting memories. Share your story of these trailblazers.

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Featured Artifacts

Young Elementary


Suzette VanDaell Douglas Collection

This is the kneeboard of WASP Suzette VanDaell Douglas 44-W-10 which she used to take notes of her flights. It is a small wooden table with leather straps in order to attach it to her leg just above the knee.

Santiago Blue Dress Beret

Eleanor Brown Collection

The Women Airforce Service Pilots were not considered a branch of the military but they still had to wear uniforms.  Regulation uniforms consisted of; jacket, skirt, white shirt, black tie, beret, black shoes, hose, and gloves.  A black shoulder purse and gray overcoat completed the uniform. The Santiago Blue wool dress beret is shown here as a featured artifact.
Marvin Flight Jacket

Flight Jacket & Patch

Marvin A. Krieger Collection

Marvin A. Krieger personalized his leather flight jacket with a unique hand painted leather patch which he designed.  During WWII, he served in the Army Air Corps as an instructor at Randolph Field and Kelly Field in San Antonio.  He later taught the Royal Air Force pilots and WASP trainees at Avenger Field.
Marvin Flight Jacket

Congressional Gold Medal Pen

Bee Haydu Collection

In July 1, 2009, President Obama used this pen to sign into law S.614, a Bill to award a Congressional Gold Medal to the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP).  During the signing ceremony The President expressed his gratitude for their service and was honored to sign the Bill into law.

Donate an Artifact

Our collections consist of objects ranging in size from WASP wings to military aircraft.  Donors understand that for generations to come we will be another resource to researchers and educators.  These artifacts and documents are enormously important in preserving the WASP story.  

Our archives are ever growing.  We are seeking additions such as pilot logs, uniforms, personal stories, wartime letters, diaries, film, photographs, and any artifacts pertaining to the WASP.   

If you have any questions about donating an artifact email or contact the Archive at 325.236.6996.