Honor the WASP

Our community has a wonderful opportunity to share stories from the WASP and their legacy pilots with our youngest generation.  Together, we can donate books to local libraries, schools, other organizations that can inspire and motivate learners of all ages to pursue aviation or their own personal interests.

The Museum has created four, three-book bundles of WASP and female aviation books aimed at ages K-12.  Puchase a book bundle and receive a 20% discount off the regular price.  Each book will come with a custom dedication that will have listed:

  • Donor Name
  • who it was given in honor or memory of (optional)
  • Library (city or school). teacher, or other entity

WASP in the Wild!

Take a picture or 60-second (max) video of your book donation presentation.  Post it to social media and use #loveyourwasplibrary.

Cadets Bundle

AGES 2 – 8
  • Thundermouse: How Caroline “Blaze” Jensen, a USAF Thunderbirds pilot, and her son Finn imagined a way for him to join her on her flights


  • Violet the Pilot: Violet has created her best-ever invention! Could the upcoming air show by her chances to show her stuff?


  • Daredevil: Betty lived for adventure – in the air, the water, and on land – and nothing could stop her. Follow her journey as she became known as the First Lady of Firsts

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Bilingual Cadets Bundles

3 – 4 GRADE
  • Good Night Captain Mama/Buenas noches, Capitán Mamá: Written by a Latina military officer and former aviator: the first-ever bilingual children’s picture book teaching young children ages three to eight why women and mommies wear military uniforms and serve in our nation’s armed forces. 


  • Captain Mama’s Surprise: La Sorpresa de Capitán Mamá: In this second book in the Captain Mama series, Marco and his sisters, whose mother is a U.S. Air Force aviator, visit the KC-135 aerial refueling tanker on a field trip with his class.


  • Taking Flight with Captain Mama/Despegando con Capitán Mamá: In this third book in the Captain Mama series, Marco, his sisters and his classmates go airborne in the U.S. Air Force KC-135R aerial refueling tanker, as part of a field trip with his class. 

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Trainees Bundles

4 – 8 GRADE
  • The Flying Fillies: Read how 12-year-old cowgirl Dawn Springfield forms a friendship with the WASP, and how it gives her something she’s never dreamed of.


  • Galaxy Girls: 50 Amazing Stories of Women in Space: Since the very beginning, women have helped fuel some of the greatest achievements in space. These women taught us the sky is not the limit!


  • Fly Girls: Follows the stories of five remarkable women as they fought for a chance to race against the men.

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Graduates Bundle

9 – 12 GRADE
  • Betty Gillies WAFS Pilot: The story of Betty Gillies, a twin-engine rated pilot, and the greatest adventure of her lifetime.


  • Teresa James WAFS Pilot: The story of Teresa James, and how she flew military aircraft in an era when women had little control over their lives.


  • Silver Dollar Girls: A novel following Mae McCain as she escapes the COVID lockdown at her great-grandparents farmhouse. There she uncovers a WWII era secret that her great-grandmother had kept for decades.

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Future Pilots Bundle

  • What Grandma Did: Written by Erin Miller, WASP Elaine Danforth Harmon’s granddaughter. Grandma explains how she was one of the first women to fly for the United States Army. A story that teaches history, leadership, and courage through intergenerational learning!
  • Dorothy the Brave: Written about WASP Dorothy ‘Hot Dot’ A. Lucas. Dorothy Lucas yearned to discover all that she was capable of. Through many mechanical scares and smoke-filled cockpits, Dorothy remained brave and committed to her job – defying the odds.
  • Girls of Avenger: Written by WASP Alyce Stevens Rohrer. For thirty-five years they were one of the best kept secrets of World War II. Events and experiences reported all actually happened, (but the names of the women are fictional).

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The Museum's primary mission in conducting student tours is to provide experiences that are so entertaining, kids don't realize they are actually learning. Our team wants to inspire and open young minds to the history of heroes, the wonder of science, and the thrill of aviation.