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 Every time the Archive staff opens a new collection, it is a new adventure.

We never know what treasures we are going to find.

Marylyn Myers' $1 short snorter

$1 Short Snorter belonging to Marylyn Myers 44-W-5 See Marylyn’s name is written along the long side.

During WWII a short snorter was a little less than a full drink at a bar.

Soldiers would have currency signed by comrades, much like an autograph book.

As one note was filled, another would be connected to the first (usually by tape), with more added as needed. Long ‘short snorters’ also meant free drinks at the bar since the person with the shortest one had to buy the round. This tradition began during WWI and heightened during WWII.

The Short Snorter is displayed in Marylyn Myers’ WASP in the Spotlight exhibit from April 2024 until April 2025.

Photos: Marylyn Myers

Do you know these ladies?

We need your help!

The Archive recently received two photos from a follower who found these photos in her husband’s WWII collection and kindly sent them to the museum in hopes that we could use them.  Our answer is, of course we can!

A handwritten note was attached to the photos identifying the owner of the originals as Patricia Houran 44-W-10.  The archive staff examined the photo of the WASP wearing a leather jacket and flight helmet, but the woman does not appear to be Patricia Houran Rideout compared to the class picture we have listed for her.

We need your help identifying the WASP in these photos.  Please contact Ann, our Collection’s Manager, if you have any information on who any of these ladies might be.  Call the WASP Museum at 325-235-0099 during business hours or send an email to

We are grateful for any information you’re able to give.  Thank you!