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Support by donating to help us create new exhibits, interior/exterior building renovations, and aircraft expansion.

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With your help, we can bring Phase 3 Bravo to life.  See the future plans and renderings for expansion below.

As part of our Master Plan, Phase 3 is currently in development.  A new, dynamic campus will create expanded stories, thought-provoking questions, and interactive content, all designed to create a seamless web between past, present, and future. Visitors will grapple with social issues of the time and consider their impact on gender history. 

Phase 3 has been subdivided into three chapters, 3A, 3B, and 3C at a total cost of $3 million.  This campaign includes all-new hands-on, interactive exhibits across the entire campus that are foundational to expanding our educational programs.

PHASE 3A - Complete!

Housed in our historic Hangar 2, Phase 3A has been completed.    Students and adults discover life in Sweetwater in the 1940s and how living conditions impacted the WASP, all straight from the mouth of our WASP trainee, Betty.  Visitors learn about training and can tour our four airworthy training aircraft.  


Today we are raising funds for Phase 3B, our exterior exhibits, at a cost of $500,000.  These exhibits include a granite floor map of the U.S. with WASP duty bases marked across the country.  Picture school children “flying” from one base to another in a pursuit plane or bomber while looking out to the runways of Avenger Field.  Our buildings will be donned with life size pictures of WASP in their aircraft flying to their next assignments.  Exterior door features will be added, and decorative fencing and landscaping will complete the scene.  


Beside the flag poles and overlooking the taxiways, a memorial garden will be built with a special feature – handprints of WASP who were able to return to Avenger Field during the reunion


Phase 3C is the largest chapter in the WASP story, costing $1.5 in today’s dollars.  It will include WASP and World War II leadership, women’s roles in the War across the continents, WASP contributions to the War, and disbandment.  As visitors travel through the Museum, exhibits will culminate in the Legacy section. There, visitors will learn the stories of successive generations of women pilots. 

The Museum works diligently to create a first-class experience to educate visitors and honor the WASP.  We pride ourselves on making your donations go far in creating a medium-size museum that lives large.  The Museum is fortunate to have raised large sums of money from people like you and me.  We have no government funding or corporate dollars.  I often quip that this museum has been built on $25, $50, and $100 checks. 

$3 million is a great sum of money.  But think of the World War II Museums who represent our male veterans.  These institutions often spend far more on one exhibit area.  The WASP Museum is a good steward of all gifts received.  We spend gifts wisely to give the ladies the honor they deserve. We invite you to be part of the WASP Museum and give generously to support the preservation of the mighty WASP story.  Every contribution counts.  

Click the image below to view all of the renderings for the future plans of the WASP Museum.

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