Facility Rental

Inquiries for Facility Rental

For off-site board, sales and strategic planning meetings, bring your leadership team together in our Conference Room located in Hangar 1.  Meeting productivity skyrockets as you distance yourselves from the distractions of daily business activities to delve into the matter at hand.   Our state-of-the art technology takes the work out of communication.  A 162-inch flat screen with an onboard computer is perfect for video conferencing, sharing reports, and streaming media content.  Other amenities include comfortable modular furniture, a presenter’s table, portable white board, buffet tables, and coffee service.  The Conference Room comfortably seats up to 60 people dependent on event needs.  

Professional catering is required for all events where food is served.  For your technical needs, we have AV Rentals available per request.  

If you have questions or want to book a tour, email Buffie McAnally at buffiemcanally@waspmuseum.org or call 325-235-0099.