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General Donation

Support by donating to general maintenance, events, and more to keep the museum growing forward.

Expansion Donation

Support by donating to help us create new exhibits, interior/exterior building renovations, and aircraft expansion.

Education Donation

Support by donating to help us build educational exhibits and programs focusing on STEM learning.

PHASE 3: The WASP Museum is flying into the future. Will you take-off with us?

As part of our Master Plan, Phase 3 is currently in development.  This phase will include all-new exhibits in Hangars 1 and 2 and throughout the exterior.  Hands-on, interactive exhibits are foundational to expanding our educational efforts which will include mentoring and scholarships. 

The Museum is raising $3.8 million for all-new exhibits across its 15-acre campus that will become a vital part of our educational programs over the next four years.  Our first installment of displays, expected in fall of 2023, will cost $850,000.  To date, $700,000 has been raised.  Will you consider a donation to help us raise the remaining $150,000?


A new, dynamic campus will create expanded stories, thought-provoking questions, and interactive content, all designed to create a seamless web between past, present and future. Visitors will grapple with the social issues of the time and consider their impact on gender history.  As visitors travel through the Museum, exhibits will culminate in the Legacy section. There, visitors will learn the stories of successive generations of women pilots.