Devyn Shared The Sky by Margaret DiBenedetto, with Nancy Reynolds

A difficult constant of aviation is the prospect of mortality. A pilot knowingly takes the risk; it is part of the contract — not hidden in the fine print on the bottom, but in big bold letters at the top. Each individual weighs the decision from the very beginning of flight school. You either sign on or you don’t. The call to fly is either stronger than the fear of falling, or it’s not.

A pilot has considered the options and made the commitment; before each flight you say the prayer, repeat your mantra, and rub the face of that silver dollar in your pocket.

“Please bless my abilities, my crew, and this plane. Please bless the take off, the landing, and everything in between. Please bless this flight.”

Then you fly.

Devyn Reiley shared the sky. This new friend with the biggest, brightest smile, who had a hundred other things to do, said, “Hop in — let’s see Sweetwater from the top.”

It was the highlight of the Homecoming and Fly-In; at the last possible moment, the absolute culmination of our weekend.  Thank you, Devyn.

Devyn Reiley was a Silver Dollar Girl, for sure.


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