WASP Watch


The Women Airforce Service Pilots deserve to be remembered and celebrated for their historic contributions to aviation and their fight for gender equality.  This watch commemorates the WASP with:

  • Silver WASP wings on the dial
  • #38 in memory of the 38 WASP who died in service
  • Rivet hour markings
  • Blue accents in the same color as the WASP uniform
  • Special engraving on the case back
  • A penny from 1942-1944 is included with every watch
  • Limited to 1102, the number of women in the WASP program

The WASP Watch serves as a daily reminder of their courage and perseverance, inspiring us to carry their legacy forward.  Thank you, Abingdon Co., for making this special and historic keepsake.

Source for Media & Descriptions: Abingdon Co. | https://abingdonco.com/pages/the-legends


Nell Bright turned 102 years old on June 20, 2023. The Museum is thankful for her friendship, kindness, and support. Nell has been a tireless ambassador for her WASP sisters for eight decades and it’s exciting to see how many ways she has been able to educate those around her through special films, projects, and speaking engagements. Thanks, Nell! We are elated to have you in our lives.

WASP Museum Board Director Caroline Jensen and Abingdon Mullin, CEO of Abingdon joined Nell in Utah to celebrate. Amid fabulous food, a beautiful cake, love, and laughter came an unexpected gift. On behalf of the WASP Museum, Abingdon presented Nell with a limited-edition WASP-themed watch created by Abingdon Co. Today, a first-class pilot meets a world class watch. It’s a perfect pair. When opening her package, Nell exclaimed, “It’s beautiful!”

Everyone can own and enjoy this unique watch. It’s a great talking point to share the WASP story with friends and strangers alike. All the proceeds support the National WASP WWII Museum’s educational programs.