Christy Hui – Author & Speaker

“Glass ceilings are made to be flown through!”

Christy Hui grew up in China, reading every martial arts novel she could find and dreaming of becoming a martial artist. After emigrating to America as a teenager, she became an award-winning producer and writer. Her works include the Emmy-awarded animated TV series Xiaolin Showdown, aired on Cartoon Network worldwide and produced by Warner Brothers Animation.

Passionate about filmmaking, history, and tea, Hui recently directed, wrote, and produced 9 Dragons Tea, a film documenting tea’s epic journey to the West and how this drink changed the world.

Flying Fillies is her debut novel. This young adult historical fiction introduces readers to the WASP—Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII—timeless heroines who defended freedom with unflinching courage. Set in Sweetwater, Texas, the adventure tale centers on 12-year-old Dawn Springfield, whose love for horses and the trailblazing women pilots shape her growing years.

Flying Fillies: WW2 Historical Fiction Book For Kids


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