Michelle “Mo” Barrett – Master of Ceremonies & Author

Whether in Air Force cockpits, combat bare-base environments, barbershop quartets, or parental caregiving, Mo Barrett is a Catalytic Comedian, using humor to change the way you laugh, learn and think.

She has dealt with the shame, stigma, struggle, and success of being a lifelong non-conformist and lesbian in the military’s structured environment. She retired as a Colonel after nearly 30 years in uniform, leveraging hard work, positivity, and perspective. She has survived and thrived as a multi-minority and connects with
audiences of all ages and walks of life, using contagious energy and eye-roll-worthy jokes to help people laugh, learn and think (in that order).

Many eye rolls await you in her book, “Pardon My Quirk, Anecdotes to Make You Laugh, Learn and Think” available in our gift shop. There are also some anecdotes in blog format at: https://mobarrett.com/moquirkitol/

Mo Barrett — Athena’s Voice (athenasvoiceusa.com)


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