Sharon “Betty” Preszler – Keynote Speaker

Photo by: Tim Engle | ATHENA’S VOICE

Sharon “Betty” Preszler is an aviation pioneer, hand-picked to be the first woman to fly the F-16 in the United States Air Force. Sharon uses her experiences integrating the F-16 and as a Captain at Southwest Airlines as the basis for her inspiring and enlightening speeches. While Sharon has three separate keynotes, the common themes are overcoming obstacles maximizing your performance and defining your own future.

During her 20 years in the Air Force, Sharon was a navigator, flew a Lear Jet and the F-16. She was the first woman to fly the F-16 (a single seat, single engine fighter) and the first woman to fly combat missions and instruct in the F-16. Sharon has over 1300 hours in the F-16, including over 50 combat hours in Iraq and one ejection, due to electrical failure. Sharon also accumulated over 9,000 hours in the Boeing 737 during her 14 years at Southwest Airlines. Sharon is currently a professional speaker, life coach, and adjunct professor at Grand Canyon University.


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